Paul Adam Facades



Facades for New Buildings

We work closely with Building Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Specialist Facade Contractors to bring creative and practical solutions to new building design. We are able to contribute at the early stages of concept design by ideas on different systems and materials for the facade design. Early cost planning also allows confident approach to managing project. We are familiar with codes, authority regulations and industry standards in he countries we operate. Our familiarity with facade fabricators and glass vendors in Asia allow us to bring consistently accurate level of specialist advice to our Clients.

We are experienced in the design and procurement of various types of cladding systems and building types, including:

  • New curtain wall – unitised, stick and hybrid systems
  • Windows systems and floor-by-floor shop front systems
  • Exterior passive and active sun-shade elements
  • Timber support glazing systems
  • Metal & glass canopies and skylights
  • Rainscreen systems incorporating metal panel, engineered ceramics, terracotta, compressed fibre materials
  • Alternative materials such as lightweight concrete, fabric and membrane materials
  • Pre-cast concrete, GRC and fibre reinforced concrete
  • Boutique facade systems
  • Incorporating signage and lighting to building facades

Facade Structural Engineering

Structural engineering of facade systems includes structural design of cladding systems, specialist engineering analysis of complex 3-D or lightweight facade structures. Glass, terra-cotta, timber, GRC and membrane facades are examples of some of the elements that require specialist design of the structure and the implication onto primary building structural frame.

The coordination between structure and facade components is essential to avoid construction issues caused by incompatible movement and tolerances between structural frame and cladding elements. The structure facade interface is especially critical in tension and lightweight structures where the defination and impact of high reaction and movement sensitivity are paramount.

Facade Contractor Review

During the delivery of the project we undertake a verification process of the Facade Contractor’s design (by workshops, desktop review and attendance at testing laboratories) of

  • shop drawings checking
  • engineering calculations review
  • checking method statements
  • material samples verification
  • prototype testing methodology & laboratory verification
  • visual mock ups
  • fabrication quality audit
  • installation quality audit

Our review takes into account buildability, engineering calculations, structural adequacy, compliance to design specifications, materials technical data and quality control process of fabrication and site installations, ensuring compliance of the delivery to the intended design.

Embedding Sustainability

The impact of the building facade on sustainability design is key to building performance. Understanding active and passive facade systems in managing thermal heat gain (or loss), the implication of material composition related to embedded energy, the comfort of building occupants related to daylighting and ventilation are all considered in our approach to facade design.

We are experience in running Envelope Thermal Transfers sensitivity studies related to facade materials, thus allowing a smart approach to building envelope design by the Architect. Our aim is to encourage and enhance environmental protection and improvements through our design and specification.

Tall & Complex Facades

The impact of the building facade on sustainability design is key to building performance. Understanding active and passive facade systems in Tall buildings & complex facades provide challenges to the building design, in relation to

  • complex wind loads
  • interfacing facades with building structure
  • construction methods and access
  • facade geometry and suitability of systems
  • fabrication limitations
  • quality audits of installation
  • building maintenance access strategies

Building Facade Maintenance

The impact of the building facade on sustainability design is key to building performance. Understanding active and passive facade systems in Our service includes studying facade access for construction, maintenance and replacement.

Understanding industry facade plant and equipment allows us to provide facade access strategies for building owners at the early stages of design and to incorporate these into the building.

  • BMU Gondola systems
  • Articulated booms
  • Bosun Chair
  • Boom lifts
  • Cherry pickers
  • Spider Man

Facade Revival

We have experience in conservation, upgrading and refurbishment of building facades. Our tasks include a ‘condition inspection’ to appraise the existing building facade and then to recommend the re-cladding methods and materials. Inclusive would be cost planning and project management of the facade refurbishment effort.

Facade Contractor Support

Flowing from our experience in verifying facade system designs, we provide technical support to facade contractors by assisting in review of their existing systems for new projects or by designing new suites for complex design. Our system design and structural engineering capabilities will provide complying facade system designs that will be in accordance with specified design intent, code and regulatory requirements.

Inspections & Audits

In our role as quality inspectors and auditors, we conduct prototype testing. Visual mock-ups, site and factory reviews of works in progress. Coming from the industry, our staff are familiar with the quality standards and expectations at all stages of fabrication and installation.

Our review service covers glass manufacturing, stone fabrication, curtain wall fabrication & assembly metal cladding and pre-cast panel fabrication, curtain wall & glass wall installation.

Global Procurement

Procurement of facades now has to be looked at in a regional or global perspective. With manufacturers (especially those in China) keen to export and the liberalisation of trade across countries, it is now economically feasible to source curtain wall globally.

Our knowledge of curtain wall fabricators, glass processors and material vendors from countries in Asia allow us to advice on

  • best logistic routes
  • good handling & packing system
  • optimum manufacturing capabilities
  • capabilities of design support
  • comparison of manufacturing standards
  • judgement of project management skills
  • pricing and value engineering
  • project schedule related procurement

This enables our Clients to prepare project cost estimation with confidence and to maximise value against cost of facade systems procured in Asia.